The Narrator Group

Uncovering authentic stories to make extraordinary advertising, branding, design, and film

Built in the mountains west of Denver with experiences drawn from the best agencies in Switzerland, Paris, Boston and Chicago, Narrator Group grows brands from a singular conviction. That message, or story, is all. Only an authentic message can build a brand and create the blueprint for extraordinary advertising, branding, design and film.
Vantis First here then the world
CenturyLink Pool
Narrator Group Authenticity
Westworks Faster
CYS Wonderful flying
WOW! Jargon

50% increase in favorability

A new, authentic story revived an old organization’s reputation, as brand favorability shot from 25% to 75%.

$48 million increase in sales

A brand message of loyalty and Midwestern values brought new store traffic and grew sales by $48 million.

10x greater clickthroughs

Genuine brand messaging paved the way for award- winning work with unprecedented click rates.